Terrible experience with tennis

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Review of Kerry Sports

I booked two hours of tennis with a coach. I was told that racquet and balls would be included. I have done this many times in many cities around the globe, and with good results.

What I got at Kerry Sports was this:

  • A tennis court with a saggy net.
  • Broken tennis racquets with packing tape as grip, missing grips, broken strings etc.
  • Cleaning and maintenance personnel kept walking onto the court in the middle of a point, bringing buckets and tools.
  • My "coach" was a great tennis player, nice person, and a challenging oppononent. But she was not a coach, provided no feedback, didn't suggest practices, systematically kept hitting onto my forehand.
  • I was asked to pay for my own balls!

What a ridiculous experience. If you want to play tennis, don't go to Kerry Sports.

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