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Opened in August, Tiger Pancake House is the first American-style pancake restaurant in Beijing. Located in Shuangjing, its two-floor bright place with modern and relaxing?décor and outdoor area provides a lot of possibilities.?


Shuangjing / Dongsihuan
105 Bldg 24, Shuanghayuan Nanli Sanqu, Guanghua Beiyijie
Chaoyang District
Daily 9.30am-11.30pm
6770 5882

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Worse and worse every year

Joined: Jan 01, 2020
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I don't come here often, but the food quality and service has gotten progressively worse as the years pass.

快3开奖结果查询The pancakes have never been fresh or good, but now they don't even bother trying to serve them warm. After asking for butter 8 times in 3 languages (6 times in Mandarin), it finally arrived but was too little to matter.

In order to even get the food we ordered, we had to ask the staff for updates on its progress every quarter hour. Strangely enough, when those dishes actually arrived they were cold and tasted as if the ingredients were about to expire.

Do yourself a favor, and find any other breakfast/brunch spot in the city, because it is doubtful there could be a place worse than here.