Aikido training at it's finest!

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Review of Beijing Aikikai

I've trained Aikido in Germany for several years and after I moved to Beijing I started classes at Beijing Aikikai 2 years ago. So far, I am very satisfied with the training and have learned so many new techniques I very likely will not have learned at any other dojo.

The trainer understands Aikido very well and teaches so much background know-how, how the techniques were developed and how they can be modified. This helps a lot to get a better overall understanding how Aikido works generally as a whole system. Furthermore, Bokken (wodden sword) and Jo (stick) are tought as well and combined with the traditional Aikido techniques. To get a better feeling and understanding applied Aikido is tought as well which is so helpful for me to get a proper feeling for real life situations.

Overall summary: fantastic training, very versatile, so much to learn! Highly recommended, come and see you for yourself!

What he taught is real martial art

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Review of Beijing Aikikai

I started aikido training in 2014 in another dojo. And I decide to give up whatever I learnt and follow this teacher's guidance from 2017. His way is unique compared to the others in Beijing. With great authenticity and clear lineage, He improves me physically and physchologically. As a 24-year-old teenager, such transfermation also changes my working life, which gives me the ability to outperform many competitors.


Legendary club in Beijing

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Review of Propaganda

This club exists for a long time and I went there more than a hundred times, this club is almost a legend now.

There is a student-heavy atmospheres, the students are coming mainly from neighboring universities, which are numerous in the neigborhood.
快3开奖结果查询The drinks are rather cheap, nothing special, they are almost the same in the clubs of wudaokou, and when you are a girl and/or a foreigner, you don't have to pay. If not, it is 50 kuais for entrance.

On the main floor, there is a bar, and some tables and seats for talking or playing cards, there are boards on the wall figuring old communist chinese propaganda, which gives its name to the bar. There is also a TV always playing a movie and there is also a place where you can store your coat and they give you an armlace with the number of your storage. However, my advice is that you do not keep anything valuable in your coat when you give it to this place ...

When you go to the end of the main floor, there are the toilets on the left and on the right there is a stair: going upstairs is club "La Bamba", downstairs is the dancefloor, which opens at 22h00. There is an other bar there and some other seats and tables. However, it is too noisy for talking there. If you want to chat with your date, go upstairs. The music downstairs is usually pretty bad, and most of the time the dancefloor is too crowded.However, strangely enough, I had a lot of very good evening parties there, especially when they have special parties (halloween) it was a lot of fun.

In short, not a good bar, but even many times it sucked, I can't explain why I had so many epic fun parties there and many nice friends that I met there...

A Place to Belong

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At COGS, as Congregation of the Good Shepherd is affectionately known, I found a place to belong. I appreciate the worship saturated with scripture and weekly communion. I appreciate the opportunities to make friends--lunches after Sunday service, a variety of special events, and a weekly small group. I appreciate the openness to people from a variety of church backgrounds--or none at all--and commitment to listening to and including one another, even when we don't agree. As a woman, I appreciate that I've been welcomed and encouraged to use my gifts in many ways. Becoming a part of COGS has made my life in Beijing so much better!

Worse and worse every year

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I don't come here often, but the food quality and service has gotten progressively worse as the years pass.

快3开奖结果查询The pancakes have never been fresh or good, but now they don't even bother trying to serve them warm. After asking for butter 8 times in 3 languages (6 times in Mandarin), it finally arrived but was too little to matter.

In order to even get the food we ordered, we had to ask the staff for updates on its progress every quarter hour. Strangely enough, when those dishes actually arrived they were cold and tasted as if the ingredients were about to expire.

快3开奖结果查询Do yourself a favor, and find any other breakfast/brunch spot in the city, because it is doubtful there could be a place worse than here.

Terrible experience with tennis

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Review of Kerry Sports

快3开奖结果查询I booked two hours of tennis with a coach. I was told that racquet and balls would be included. I have done this many times in many cities around the globe, and with good results.

What I got at Kerry Sports was this:

  • A tennis court with a saggy net.
  • Broken tennis racquets with packing tape as grip, missing grips, broken strings etc.
  • Cleaning and maintenance personnel kept walking onto the court in the middle of a point, bringing buckets and tools.
  • My "coach" was a great tennis player, nice person, and a challenging oppononent. But she was not a coach, provided no feedback, didn't suggest practices, systematically kept hitting onto my forehand.
  • I was asked to pay for my own balls!

What a ridiculous experience. If you want to play tennis, don't go to Kerry Sports.

best school in Beijing

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Review of Mandarin Zone

快3开奖结果查询When you work it seems impossible to keep on learning and your (little) extra time is for your friends, relax, movies..

After my HSK5 i was about to stop there because i thought i could not go further. i tried so many school and teachers but nothing really worked. Fortunately i had the push i needed to reach the 6th level. I have all this to my wonderful teacher, so professional and patient. Although i was tired and distracted, my teacher has been capable of making everything easier. i enjoyed all the classes i had and now back to my country i just owed her a huge THANKS!!

if you need help with your Chinese, that's what i can suggest you because that is what i experienced..

Lunch Buffet at Haidian- Ganges Indian Restaurant

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This was a super surprise. We walked in on a Sunday afternoon and there was this Buffet @rmb 60 for students and rmb 70 for others. There was some of my favourites like hot and sour soup, dahi wadas, chicken tikka, lamb biryani, yellow dal fry and some vegetable curries,chicken kadhai and custard with fruits as dessets. The manager was friendly to work out garlic nan which was my favourite. He said the buffet started about 2 weeks ago and is open monday to sunday (open on saturday and sunday too ).

快3开奖结果查询Looks this will be favourite destination once a week atleast.

Great hangout and awesome food!

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快3开奖结果查询Took some friends from out of town as I wanted to impress. Was originally going to go to Qmex but my friends wanted Italian with some entertainment and this was right next door. This place did not disappoint. The food was an incredibly good western and xingjiang fusion. We got to play a round of pool, see a couple of live dance shows, and a film on their 2nd floor cinema for the price of a meal. They make their own craft beer which was also super cool. And reasonably priced. Highly recommend.*dirol*