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Propaganda is frequented by an army of loyal patrons, most looking for booty, or to shake some. Expect a student-heavy atmosphere.


100m north of the east gate of Huaqing Jiayuan, Wudaokou
Haidian District
Mon-Fri 8pm-4.30am, Sat-Sun 8pm-5am
8286 3991
Cash only


快3开奖结果查询No event here now.

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Legendary club in Beijing

Joined: Oct 11, 2010
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Review of Propaganda

快3开奖结果查询This club exists for a long time and I went there more than a hundred times, this club is almost a legend now.

There is a student-heavy atmospheres, the students are coming mainly from neighboring universities, which are numerous in the neigborhood.
The drinks are rather cheap, nothing special, they are almost the same in the clubs of wudaokou, and when you are a girl and/or a foreigner, you don't have to pay. If not, it is 50 kuais for entrance.

On the main floor, there is a bar, and some tables and seats for talking or playing cards, there are boards on the wall figuring old communist chinese propaganda, which gives its name to the bar. There is also a TV always playing a movie and there is also a place where you can store your coat and they give you an armlace with the number of your storage. However, my advice is that you do not keep anything valuable in your coat when you give it to this place ...

When you go to the end of the main floor, there are the toilets on the left and on the right there is a stair: going upstairs is club "La Bamba", downstairs is the dancefloor, which opens at 22h00. There is an other bar there and some other seats and tables. However, it is too noisy for talking there. If you want to chat with your date, go upstairs. The music downstairs is usually pretty bad, and most of the time the dancefloor is too crowded.However, strangely enough, I had a lot of very good evening parties there, especially when they have special parties (halloween) it was a lot of fun.

快3开奖结果查询In short, not a good bar, but even many times it sucked, I can't explain why I had so many epic fun parties there and many nice friends that I met there...

saturday night at Propaganda

Joined: May 27, 2014
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Review of Propaganda

快3开奖结果查询i heard a lot about this club. last saturday i was there for checking it out. Its not that bad as i thought. It looks clean an the staff is friendly. (Only to western people?) When i was there it was much too crowded and there were a lot of unfriendly wannabe rich people which were sitting on the tables and feeling so "important".... Not very popular for this district.... also the dancefloor is so crowded. you always see 5 guys which are dancing around one woman.... The prices are okay but a bit too high for a students place. I think there are better solutions for a good party in Beijing.!

Creepy gropey sweatbox

Joined: Sep 19, 2012
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Review of Propaganda

I was only at this club once, but I can pretty safely say that I'll never go again. I don't care about "it was a bad night" because no night at a club should ever be like that.

快3开奖结果查询I mean, I'm no prude. I'm used to a clubbing environment and guys being interesting and dancing nearby and things, but I was really not prepared for the tugging and grinding and groping that I encountered in Propaganda. I was horrified and violated.

I escaped to the bathroom with my friends who seemed to have similar though a little less extreme experiences. I was on the outside of the group and so exposed to more people, I guess.

I tried to get a drink so I could sit down and avoid the creepy dancefloor, but I was literally unable to get to the bar and when I asked guys (there seemed to be only desperate guys there) to move, I was met with stares and then, disgustingly, their groping hands trying to lure me in close beside them.
I was out then.

快3开奖结果查询I expect some levels of creepy and desperate at any cheap student bar, but this place is a sweatbox of perverts.

And my friends that did manage to get a drink were paying for it in the morning.
How does this place still exist.

cheap and cheerful...what more do you want?

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Review of Propaganda

No it is not the worst bar in beijing! It is however a student hot spot so if your looking for a classy cocktail or something steer clear. Free in for foreigners every night and if you do pay in it is usually for an open bar. Its good fun but you have to make it your own. Has a pole and raised dance stage but it is very packed! Good fun cheap drink...all you need really! I would say pretty similar to sensations or solutions or whatever they are calling it these days and half the time you dont know which one your in!


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Review of Propaganda

In pondering what to write about this place, I begin to understand how a cop feels when they have to write up a situation which contains no shortage of idiocy and lunacy, as if reality had ripped open and a phantasmagoria of shit sprayed stench all over a little place in WuDaoKou.

Drinks are horrible, and expensive. They're only there to convince the prostitute you're trying to pick up from propaganda that you're willing to spend more money than something's actually worth.

Staff is racist and retarded. I'm a white guy, the more common target of full-a-beans Chinese kids, but here I've only seen the staff harass and assault other Chinese dudes. Chinese guys are the only ones required to pay an entry fee, as I understand, so that the slew of Chinese girls don't have to face the morally self-righteous stares of their jealous countrymen as they get sloshed and hook up with the dregs of the west.

Let me check that last paragraph and mark that the last time I went to Propaganda, to find a friend to inform them of a death in the fam, I stood on the stairs to scan the WUHEZHIZHONG crowd and was accosted by two security guards who were profoundly unsympathetic. I knocked them the fuck off me, on their butts, and down the steps into a sea of stares, and left before I got jumped.

What else, ah! Perhaps most important. There is a host of aids being passed around. I found myself happened to be concealed behind a post at a Cantonese restaurant near Propaganda, sitting and eating mind you, when four 美歐 white dudes came in to BS about their friend who, having months ago discovered he had HIV, set about to give it to as many Chinese girls at Propaganda as he could, blaming them for such an affliction.

I'm sure someone's going to be masterfully upset with this post, but I just can't give less of a damn about anything. Final thoughts?
快3开奖结果查询 Don't go to Propaganda.