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We are currently seeking a passionate and talented Brand Manager to take the lead in our kids brands' niche audience - families and the education sector. If have experience in branding and/or doing events, preferably in the kids/family and education industry (or even in social media), we'd like to hear from you.

- Plan and set goals for innovative branding campaigns for events, social media, and strategic partnerships.策劃富有創意的品牌活動、社交媒體推廣計劃及戰略合作計劃并設定目標。
- Set up a social media strategy with Editorial and Sales (including monitoring competitor presence/perception).與編輯部及銷售部合作,制定社交媒體發展策略(包括對競品的行為表現進行監控及分析)
- Manage the planning, organization and execution of the kids branded events (such as JISE, Halloween, talks/salons, etc) in collaboration with the Key Events Manager. 與大型活動經理合作,從策劃、組織到執行層面對該品牌的所有活動進行管理(例如擇校博覽會、萬圣節活動、講座/沙龍等等)
- Maintain the kids brands' presence to continue ensuring influence and brand awareness with the community (and hence overall saleability of our products and services).維持該品牌的露出率,提高品牌的知名度及影響力(從而提升我們產品和服務的議價能力)
- Seek out event sponsorships in line with the brands' identities.根據品牌特性尋求符合條件的活動贊助商進行合作。
- Develop the kids brands' identities including overseeing events and in-house ads designs.從活動到美術設計等方面提升品牌形象。
- Represent the kids brands, and TRM in general, in community events and gatherings.代表該品牌及母公司參加各類相關活動和聚會。

Your profile我們希望你是:
- Currently live in Beijing (and willing to travel to Shanghai occasionally)現在生活在北京(并愿意偶爾去上海出差)
- Reliable and consistent靠譜且堅持初心
- Great teamwork and at the same time leadership skills優秀的團隊合作及領導能力
- Highly creative富有創意

Minimum requirements你還需要滿足:
- Bachelor's degree (preferably in marketing or related field)本科以上學歷(市場營銷及相關專業優先考慮)
- Minimum one year experience doing marketing, branding, social media and/or events擁有至少1年以上從事市場、品牌、社交媒體或組織活動的工作經驗
- Minimum two (2) years of related work experience (for foreigner applicants)至少2年以上與市場相關的工作經驗(如果你是外國國籍)
- Fluent English skills and can work comfortably in Chinese (or vice versa)流利的中英雙語交流能力

Bonus points if you這些將成為你的加分項:
- Have previous experience working in media, publishing and/or advertising曾在媒體、報刊雜志或廣告公司工作
- Have previous experience working with kids, families and/or the education sector曾做過與育兒、親子或教育相關的工作
- Are a parent家有萌娃
- Have proven connections and/or affiliation to the community與此類領域里的受眾群體有密切的接觸和聯系及并掌握有效資源
- Have worked for one of our competitors previously曾在競品公司從事類似工作

Interested applicants, please send your updated resume and a cover letter on why you're the right person to: Due to the volume of applications that we receive, only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.