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Designed for everyone who has interest in learning Chinese and Chinese culture.Regular courses are divided into three levels, including speaking, reading, writing,listening and comprehensive course.
Designed for those who want to handle basic daily conversation and only have short period to study Chinese.This program focuses on basic Chinese vocabulary and sentences , using everyday topics to enable the students to engage in daily conversation quickly.
Specially designed Chinese course for children and teenagers. Combining language class with cultural class(like painting,kongfu) and outdoor activities, make study more easy and enjoyable.
Designed for those who plan to take HSK test and need some advice from experienced teacher.This course mainly focuses on the abilities and skills of taking the test, so that trainees can learn the knowledge related to the HSK test in a systematic way and get ready for it.
Designed for those who neet to work or have business in China,who have interest and needs to learn about economy,market, China.This course focuses on Chinese communication in business field, including office communication, business letters and documents, business negotiation & meeting, etc..
We offer personalized study plans and specific Chinese lessons based on different fields, include Manufacturing, Construction, IT, Finance, Trade, Insurance, Management, Legal, Telecommunications, Chinese Calligraphy, Sports, Chinese Art, Chinese Medicine, Chinese Music.
Designed for foreigners hoping to learn and experience Chinese culture of interest and mystery.
Including: Chinese painting and Calligraphy, Chinese Knot and Chinese Paper Cutting, Chinese Acupuncture, Cooking, Chinese cooking ,Chinese Gongfu, Chinese Tea Lore, etc.
?STUDY TOUR (summer/ winter camp)
Designed for those who want to leanring Chinese and Chinese culture in a limited period. Students don’t only attend courses in classrooms, but also go to see the famous scenic spots and historic sites in China, as well as experience the real life of Chinese people。Additionally, they are introduced to various traditional Chinese arts, such as acrobatics, Beijing opera, Chinese painting and paper-cutting,etc..
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