798-Bound RELX Store to Feature Face Scanners and Vape-Making Robots

A series of vape-induced deaths and illnesses?in the US during the latter part of last year managed to make waves across the pacific, spooking Chinese regulators into taking the rather drastic action of online sales of electronic cigarettes altogether, despite ample evidence that nicotine-only products are in the fatalities.

While the average resident of China is still free to rip sick cotton until the clouds come home, major brands have taken note that China is no longer a free-for-all promise land for the vending of vapes. For instance, Juul,?the biggest vape maker in the US, dropped its long formulated plans to compete in China . However, it’s not entirely clear that the online ban was the sole reason for the retreat, as the company was simultaneously under from the US government.

快3开奖结果查询RELX does not have the same luxury of being able to retreat, given that the multibillion-dollar company is based in China. Far from giving up in the face of adversity, however, RELX is taking the classic brick-and-mortar approach, opening thousands of new stores around the country. Moreover, a new decked-out flagship store has just landed in Shanghai, offering an interactive experience to customers, and a similar store is soon.

But youngsters beware: the brand has gotten the hint from regulators, and that can automatically detect minors and deny them service. Presumably, that means it is hooked up to a database of every face in China, but that’s nothing new.

That isn’t the only futuristic tech that these shops are touting, either. RELX stores will soon be yet another service stop in Beijing that draws in customers with a robotic arm. Rather than mixing up tea or preparing hotpot, however, this arm will be dedicated to shaking up the perfect mix of flavors at the request of customers. Another robot will be available to engrave e-cigarette devices?– just what your mom wants for her birthday, no doubt.

As cool as it all sounds, the take away seems to be that vapers in China have nothing to fear. No matter the challenge, someone, somewhere?will always find a way to sell you a "healthier" yet highly addictive alternative to smoking.

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Images: Geekpark, Giphy