Events That Won't Leave You Hungover, Jan 15-19

In the runup to Chinese New Year's bountiful baijiu binges, put your pint down and give your liver a rest. Soak up some culture, not booze, as we present?our?top pick of this week's Events That Won't Leave You Hungover...

Wednesday, Jan 15

Vegan Cheese Fest
As part of their Veganuary activities and to honor their sinfully delicious, super creamy, and yogi-like stretchy vegan cheese,?Gung Ho!?holds their first Vegan Cheese Fest. The buffet will feature cashew-based, in-house-made cheeses in many forms: raw, gratin, baked, and as stuffing, making?for an evening of morally superior and flavorful indulgence. RMB?169. 7.30-11pm. Gung Ho! Pizza

Thursday, Jan 16

Community of Feeling: Emotional Patterns in Art in Post-1949 China
Inside Out Art Museum in Haidian presents their latest exhibition?on how?"emotions" in socialist art were reformulated?with each major shift in the contemporary art world. Works from dozens of Chinese artists trace?how emotion was depicted in post-1949 works through to the 1980s, exploring the conflict?between private desires and the "greater good" and where the?individual stands in the fight for ideological gains.?RMB?10. Tue-Sun, 11am-6pm. Inside Out Art Museum

Friday, Jan 17

China Through Cinema - Guided Chinese Film Screening
Culture Yard's weekly Friday film night film showing continues in its mission to show?top-notch films, this week with?the screening Chinese director's Bi Gan's enchanting debut?Kaili Blues?(2015). Host?Jenny Wu?will provide?cultural background and context to the film?prior to a popcorn-accompanied discussion following the screening. The fun will then move to Side Street for?discounted drinks. RMB?50, RMB 25 (CY?students). 7.45-10pm. Culture Yard

Saturday, Jan 18

All-You-Can-Eat Musang King Durian Fiesta... On Ice
Certainly one of if not the most?unique events this week is an all-you-can-eat durian contest... on?ice. Skates and fruit skewers meet in sub-zero temperatures on Saturday at the Water Cube's newly opened ice rink where attendees are invited to see how much of this prized fruit they can swallow. Entry into the durian eating contest costs RMB 428, which will be waived for the ultimate winner. Those wanting to taste the goods can also buy some for RMB 288, which includes access to the ice.?Finally, if frozen?funky fruit isn't your thing, there'll also be plenty of sports?like?curling, ice skate?coaching, and snowman building to keep to toasty. Free (spectators),?RMB 70 (to skate). 2-5pm. Water Cube

Sunday, Jan 19

Lorenzo Buffa Quartet: China Tour
This Sunday, Modernista?close the week?with the Beijing stop of the Lorenzo Buffa?Quartet. The Italian jazz troupe is?accompanied by?saxophonist Shi Yuji, guitarist Simone Schirru, and drummer Xiao Dou. Free. 8.30pm. Modernista

Hungry? There are plenty of food deals around town.

Images:?, Lorenzo Buffa (via ),?courtesy of the organizers


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