Find the Perfect Venue for Any Occasion With This Simple Dianping Function

If you're anything like us, finding the perfect venue for your birthday/wedding/Brony convention can be a seemingly neverending trawl of communication and detail checking. How many people? How much? From when to when? What facilities? It's enough to make you want to give up before the invitation list is even assembled.

Well, there's a simple tool that with a little Chinese brings the world hidden venues straight to your fingertips: Dazhong Dianping's?轟趴館?hōng pā guǎn?function. A phonetic literation and shortening of "Home Party,"?Hom Pa (hōng pā)?plus?guǎn?(pavilion or mansion)?indicate?specific venues perfect for partying, annual meetings, or team building events.

快3开奖结果查询Just from a cursory search, it's amazing at?how many HONGPAGUAN are available in the capital and further afield, and they span everything from entire floors in?high-rise apartments to mansions in the countryside?and?traditional Chinese courtyards?that nestle you away from hustle and bustle of central Beijing. Each venue sports particular?facilities such as?billiard tables?to dartboards, karaoke rooms to boardgame?dungeons, each outfitted to best suit the needs of their occupants.

To browse what Beijing has to offer, you'll first need?to download the latest version of?Dazhong Dianping app (DAZHONGDIANPING)?on your phone. Below we help you browse the main functions with English translations. You'll likely have to ask a Chinese-speaking friend for help with the more nitty-gritty portions.


Once you finish this step, you'll be asked to pay. The?coupon (and adjoining QR code) can be found in the app?–?simply show the vendor the coupon when you turn up. Be aware however that the app does not currently allow you to specify a time that you'd like to redeem the coupon, so we heartily recommend calling ahead of time to check whether the venue will be free when?you're hoping to use it.

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Images: Dianping, Zhihu


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