Talking Travel: More Ofo BS, Robot Parking Meters, and a Universal Studios Subway Stop

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Ofo pulls more BS to avoid falling into the abyss once and for all

Despite its glorious beginnings as the pioneer of the bike-sharing industry, the "little yellow bike" has slowly sunk into a sad state of irrelevancy as its competitors leave its old, rusty carcasses to decay on Beijing's sidewalks. The company's latest move is indicative of just how bad things have gotten for Ofo.

After incurring the ire of millions of users快3开奖结果查询 with their failure to return user deposits of up to RMB 199, Ofo reached into its sleeve for one more trick, but instead of pulling out the one billion yuan that it owes, it instead retrieved this?cow turd of a solution: users will be able to slowly earn back their deposits via minuscule rebates on purchases made through a third-party app called (Cashback Daily).

Reporting by Sixth Tone that users are likely to need to spend thousands of yuan to earn back the full deposit, and furthermore, once a user has begun to earn back the deposit through the rebates, they may no longer seek the deposit by any other means.

Netizens were quick to issue their complaints about the maneuver, but meanwhile, the company flounders on. If you're wanting to help out the company, you can still scan Ofo bikes?using the Didi app. But why in the hell would you want to?

Chaoyang District gets to connecting dead-end roads

Much of Chaoyang District was planned and built before cars became truly ubiquitous in the city, so it can be a labyrinthine place and a nightmare for drivers who have no?choice but to take indirect routes and contribute to the city's traffic congestion.

To remedy that, the Chaoyang government is now working on . So far,?renovations have been completed on?Yuhui North Road, Chaoyuan East Road, Jianan East Road, and 27 other streets, according to reporting by?Beijing Evening News快3开奖结果查询. Additionally, the Chaoyang District Transportation Committee has also announced plans to build?a 150km-long bike highway?by the end of this year... watch this space.

Parking fee collection gets automation treatment

On Dec 1, electronic parking monitor systems?were rolled out in?Mentougou, Fangshan, Shunyi, Daxing, and other outlying Beijing districts in an effort to?regulate roadside parking.?The devices, which also operate as parking meters,?are designed to replace attendants throughout the city. They?work?via?a high-resolution camera connected to an AI network, which?快3开奖结果查询takes photos or videos when illegal parking occurs, .

Line 7 and Batong Lines get an extension

Beijing has the biggest and busiest subway network in the world.?As it stands, 23 lines run for 678.2km across 394 stations, with the average passenger volume exceeding 10 million people?per day back in 2014. Yet?the system?continues to expand, with the latest addition seeing the south extension of the Batong Line and east extension of Line 7 are on track to?open?by the end of the year.?Both extensions are in aid of transporting?passengers to?the new Universal Studios complex, due to open in 2021, and include two new transfer stations:?Shiyuan (施園) and?Universal Studios Station (環球影城). The latter will reportedly feature?images of such beautiful?local scenic spots such as the nearby Tongzhou?Grand?Canal.

Qantas is dropping a Sydney-Beijing route

Crikey, mate! Australia's flagship airline is set to drop its direct Beijing-to-Sydney route due to stiff competition from Chinese airlines?and lackluster sales in business class. This is the third time that the bouncing kangaroo has tried, and failed, to sustain the route. For now, the 11.5-hour?route is still available through to February 2020, so if you've been thinking of?taking a trip Down Under, now's the time to do lock it in.?

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Images: Reddit,?Bendibao, Sina News


It's funny how the Universal Studios park got delayed but the subways commissioned to link up to it carried on being built regardless. It raises an interesting question as to which areas of the suburbs are in most dire need of some kind of subway connection.

Pity the man too dense for satire.

All accents are equal, except some accents are more equal than others.

LysanderWrites wrote:

It's funny how the Universal Studios park got delayed but the subways commissioned to link up to it carried on being built regardless. It raises an interesting question as to which areas of the suburbs are in most dire need of some kind of subway connection.

It raises a question, yes. Whether or not that question is interesting is highly subjective. Right now I've got it queued somewhere after #76 "What's for dinner?", #77 "What's for my dogs' dinner?", #78. ""Am I doing enough to combat my neighbors' latent transphobia?", #79. "Is Corey Booker really 'woke,' or just fidgety?"...

快3开奖结果查询"First, they came for the red-necks, but I was not a red-neck. Then they came for the Aryans, but I was not an Aryan...Finally they came for me, but there was no room on the bus. So I took Uber"