Keep the Cold at Bay: Where to Donate Winter Clothes in Beijing

In a big, modern city like Beijing, poverty is not always very visible. Beggars are quickly moved on by police, and most of the underprivileged live on the outskirts of the city, away from our view. Yet there are still a huge number of people living in very difficult conditions in China, for whom even a simple warm coat is a?luxury item.

快3开奖结果查询Winter chills are already arriving, and many places in Beijing and China are still not afforded?central heating. Right now, before temperatures really begin to plummet, is the best time to make a donation. So if you've got gloves, scarves, or a winter coat that you haven't worn in ages, and that are?just taking up extra space, it's time to pass them?on to somebody in need.?

There are several private, and government-run offices in Beijing that accept clothing donations. To make a donation, ensure that the items are clean, in good, wearable condition and check any pockets for personal items. Undergarments cannot be donated. You will also need to drop off the clothing yourself at each of the following locations, as they do not arrange pick-up.?

We recommend calling ahead to check opening times, and any other conditions regarding donation.?

Beijing?government offices that accept?clothing donations

  • Chaoyang district: Fulou, Bldg 6, Daojiayuan, Chaoyang district (6502 4588) 朝陽區道家園6號樓副樓
  • Haidian district:?15 Xiyuan Caochang (6262 5347) 海淀區西苑操場15號
  • Dongcheng district: 32, Dongsi Shisantiao (6400 1306) 東城區東四13條32號
  • Xicheng district: 16 Gaojing Hutong (6227 4355) 西城區高井胡同16號
  • Fengtai district: 9 Beidajie (6831 2023) 豐臺區北大街9號
  • Shijingshan district: Bldg 3, Bajiao Beili (8891 3057) 石景山區八角北里三棟

Privately-run organizations

Timely Help for?the Homeless?隨手街頭救助

Suishou Jietou Jiuzhu (which roughly translates as 'timely help for?the homeless')?is a privately run organization in Tongzhou that collects and distributes used clothes. They originally distributed the clothes to the homeless community living rough on Beijing's streets, and have now expanded to other poverty-stricken places in China like rural areas in Gansu and Guizhou provinces as they grow bigger and more volunteers are involved. (suishoujiuzhu) to stay updated on their activities and specific donation requests.?

Send parcels to: TONGZHOUQUSONGZHUANGZHENXIAOBAOXIJIE181HAO (150 1061 7876). A package of 10kg should cost around RMB 40 to send.

Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture?Donations?四川涼山彝族自治州

快3开奖结果查询Every year, volunteers in?Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan organize a clothing drive for primary school-age children.?Liangshan Yi is one of the?least developed areas in China, and during the freezing winter, many local children walk for more than an hour through the mountains to get to school every day.?Winter clothes for kids aged 5 to 14 are especially appreciated.


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