Winter Warmers: Beijing Snacks to Warm You from the Inside Out

With such a distinct difference between the summer and winter weather in Beijing, it’s perhaps no surprise that the seasonal snacks differ as well. While summer is all about ice creams and Beibingyang orange soda, winter brings heartier treats like hand-warming roasted sweet potatoes and throat-soothing pear soup. These are a few of our favorites.

Dried persimmons 柿餅

The Chinese name for this treat literally means “persimmon pancake,” thanks to their flat shape. To make them, the persimmons are peeled and then left to dry out in the sun on wooden racks.

Candied hawthorn 糖葫蘆

With their festive red color, it’s no wonder candied hawthorns are a popular winter snack. The slight tartness of the fruit contrasts with the teeth-sticking sugar coating.?

Snow pear soup 梨湯

快3开奖结果查询Beijing winters are not only cold but also punishingly dry. This sweet soup is packed with ingredients thought to ease dry throats, like snow pears and silver ear fungus.?

Lvdagun 驢打滾

快3开奖结果查询The name of this sweet literally means “rolling donkey” and comes from the final coating of crushed roasted soy beans it gets before serving, like a donkey that has been rolling around in the dust.

Roast chestnuts 糖炒栗子

Despite the name, chestnuts in China actually go through a process more like stir-frying than roasting, where they are tossed in a wok with sugar and heated pebbles over an open flame.

Roasted sweet potatoes 烤白薯

快3开奖结果查询While the number of itinerant vendors selling roasted sweet potatoes on the streets of Beijing has declined dramatically, when there is one nearby you’ll be able to smell the sweet-smoky scent of their wares immediately.

Food styling and photos:?Jamie Penaloza